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Fall in Love at First Kiss 2019

Fall in Love at First Kiss

After an earthquake destroys Xiang Qin's house, she and her father move in with the family of her father's college buddy. To her surprise, her new kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate, Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her when she confessed her feelings for him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu's heart? Or will her love for him end under his cold words?

Genre : Romance, Comedy.
Runtime : 78 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)
  • - Korean (Subtitles)
  • - Mandarin (Subtitles)
  • - Spanish (Subtitles)
  • - Ukrainian (Subtitles)
  • - Vietnamese (Subtitles)
  • - French (Subtitles)
  • - Greek (Subtitles)
  • - Mandarin (Subtitles)

    What our members said..

    sophibano June 25, 2019 22:24 PM
    I really enjoy this movie
    princzz June 25, 2019 21:32 PM
    Great acting, script, camera work. Spot on message
    lauraanngillard June 25, 2019 20:46 PM
    beautiful movie.... i love the story.....well done.....
    markhoneyman June 25, 2019 19:36 PM
    awwh that was really sweet movie
    tadams089 June 25, 2019 18:44 PM
    I can't skip this guy's movies
    qkissadulttoys June 25, 2019 18:14 PM
    i love, love, LOVE this movie.
    avdickinson June 25, 2019 17:12 PM
    Loved this movie! love it
    quietstorm346 June 25, 2019 16:41 PM
    Very good movie from start to end the whole movie not cut off before the end enjoy..
    p_tinker June 25, 2019 15:28 PM
    Great movie. Recommend it. AAAAA+
    ralphrivera2007 June 25, 2019 13:51 PM
    lo máximo ..en belleza varonil..UNICO..!!!